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Important Notices

  • 5% Dividend during July on prepay New

    Earn a 5% dividend on all prepay during July.

  • Current delivery charge before discounts is $5.99

    The current delivery charge is $5.99. This amount may be lower if you partcipate in the prepay program.

  • Organic Eggs available!

    We have a limited amount of organic eggs available from the Golden Apple Orchard Family Farm.

  • Egg prices are up again due in part to a resurgence of bird flu affecting egg-laying hens.

    The USDA’s Poultry Outlook released in January is predicting a steep rise in eggs this year. Egg producers are battling a resurgence of the virus. The latest outbreak has claimed 12.9 million birds since November 2023.

  • New Product: McConnell's Fine Ice Cream

    We found this awesome small batch ice cream while visiting our daughter on the west coast. A 70-year, sweet legacy of the finest ingredients, extraordinary recipes and an obsessive attention to detail.

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