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Important Notices

  • Egg Nog is now available.

    Egg Nog is now available in quart size glass bottles. Make sure you preorder for the holidays! Every year we sell out.

  • Klinger Pull Aparts - Limited quantities of Cinnamon/Raisin or Maple

    Klinger's Bakery Cinnamon Raisin or Maple Pull Aparts. Limited quantity. A breakfast treat or dessert. Just warm in the oven-ready tray and savor the melt in your mouth flavors!

  • NEW PRODUCT - Klinger's Breads

    We are now carrying an assortment of breads from Klinger's Bakery.

  • Smokehouse meats are back!

    We just picked up an order of meats from the Green Mountain Smokehouse in Windsor. Plenty of uncured bacon, maple sausage links, Italian sausage and pepperoni is available.

  • New Local Product!

    Dell'Amore pasta and pizza sauces are now available. Marinara and Spicy Garlic sauces are available in 25oz jars and traditional pizza sauce is available in 16oz glass jars.

  • Sticker Shock for eggs!

    There's a huge price increase coming for eggs, expecting to jump by $1.20 a dozen. There's a combination of factors including grain and feed price increases and the bird flu that has decimated many flocks. We'll be putting a purchase limit of 3 dozen per delivery for now, with standing orders getting priority on supply.

  • Produce Orders

    Produce availability is based on harvest yields and can change on a daily basis. We didn't receive recent orders of sweet corn and peaches but both the farm and orchard expect additional product could be harvested on a daily basis. Stay tuned!

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